Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dirty and Naughty. Now I got your attention...

Note: This blog was written before I found out that I don't have type 2 herpes, so I will not personally need to go on antivirals.

Excerpt from the book I am reading; a conversation between an older couple about to do the deed:

"So what I am trying to say is that I have had some problems. I am not as young as I used to be. ...But Viagra works."

Substitute Viagra for Valtrex, and we are pretty much in the same boat!

At first I hated the idea that I might have to take Valtrex every day. (for the purpose of this entry, Valtrex = Valtrex or Acyclovir or Famvir.) Specially cuz those commercials are so damn cheesy! But I digress.

My current situation is that so far I have not gotten a second outbreak (knock on wood) and am not getting laid (and am not about to get laid unless it's someone awesome enough to bother explaining GHSV to), so I don't need to be on suppresive Valtrex right now for its two uses (preventing OBs, and lowering risk of transmitting the virus to a partner.)

But the time might come when I do want to take them daily. I personally think it does just as much if not more than condoms when it comes to preventing the spread of the virus, because it prevents the Invisible Man from making an appearance.

(This comic book reference was shamelessly inspired by the excellent one man show Herpes Tonight! by Corey Moosa, which I saw last night in Hollywood. Review coming soon.)

The Invisible Man is when the virus replicates itself and travels to be present on your skin, without an outbreak, so you don't know it's there. The Invisible Man is actually called asymptomatic viral shedding. For most people on daily Valtrex, shedding still happens, but waaaaaaay less than without it. Like, hardly ever.

Out of the all people I have met on online GHSV communities, (yes, I am part of online GHSV communities, and I am still awesome) I have yet to encounter anyone who got the virus from their partner despite them being on supressive Valtrex and using condoms. If you have, please comment and let me know.

Also, this may or may not be true, but I have seen online several times that in the Valtrex studies that were done, the few who did get the virus despite their partner being on Valtrex almost all ended up being asymptomatic. (That's pretty much the best case scenario for a monogamous or married couple. Then you could ditch the condoms and pills and just get on with it!)

Old men these days are pretty open, if not proud, of being on Viagra; it shows they still have an active sex life. I realized recently as I took my nightly birth control pill that I feel no shame whatsoever for taking it. My friend used to jokingly call it the "dirty" pill. So, why should I feel bad or ashamed to take Valtrex? Maybe I'll call it the "naughty" pill. Sounds kinda sexy.

The moral of the story is, some people have/choose to take pills to make sex work right! To make sex sexy and less worrisome!


J? said...

I digg ur blog...

Silver Lining said...

thanks J! not sure if I should comment on your blogs cuz they're not H related. i could only view one of them, it looked cool. :)

Anonymous said...

Herpes was near of destroy my life. Until i bought some Valtrex Online . I still believe that anyone can maintain relationship with a person with herpes.

Mel said...

Hey silverlining, Im in the same boat as you!
HSV1 and I had 2 outbreaks in succession and now no more... will you/ do you take valrex daily when in a relationship?
Doctors are saying its unneccessary... but if we believed them before and look where thats gotten us?!

Buy Caverta Online said...

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Anonymous said...

i hb had herpes horribly for 2 yrs idk what else to try to make them go away i get maybe 5 days w out symotoms a mth n yes i tk valtrex 1000 mg everyday

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