Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't mind me, I'm just reading a book.

So what if it happens to be called "Managing Herpes: How to Live and Love with a Chronic STD." ? All the cool kids are reading it.

Although a book called "How to Live and Love Without Getting a Chronic STD" would have been more useful at one point to most of those engaged in this particular riveting read, but alas...

"An increasing number of us understand how prevalent herpes is, but most, ironically, do not translate this information into a sense of personal risk."

That is so very true. Think about how often you hear people talking about their casual hookups and one night stands. It is highly unlikely that STD conversations that should have been had pre-hookup, were had. You hardly ever hear anyone worrying about contracting genital herpes from these kinds of encounters, when people are talking with their friends about them. Yet... in separate conversations and contexts, there are always those herpes jokey references which happen from time to time. It is so hypocritical, irrational and ridiculous.

But I guess until people are strong enough to "come out" about their GHSV positive status, those who have never had herpes symptoms will continue to assume that those who do are somehow weird or strange or dirty or somehow deserve it. They will continue to assume that they and/or their friends would never be the kinds of people who would have this virus. When that is so far from reality.

And on an exciting side note, Love in the Time of Herpes celebrates its first references out there on the world wide internets! People like us, they really, really like us! and click on "support"

For those of you who have been e-mailing me, thank you!! Please don't be shy, post a comment here on the blog, even if it's anonymous. Why? Cuz comments make me feel all warm and fuzzy.


Christina said...

I just want to say, I saw your blog listed on yahoo and checked this out. I'm so glad you wrote this, I got HSV-1 from a friend last year and it had to be a the most traumatic thing in my life. This was at a time my husband was pushing me to open up out relationship so we tried a bit of swinging. Geez, we learned our lesson - my husband got it too.

The amazing thing was, the man I slept with got tested every 6 months and never knew he had it.

It's incredible how stimitizing this disease is. Even if I just had type're right it's not anything I would ever want to have someone suffer.

And again, thanks for writing this. You rock!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. I will be a regular reader.

Silver Lining said...

Christina, thanks for reading and for your comment!
The man who gave you type 1 most likely passed the virus to you from his mouth to your genitals. So even thought he was tested for STDs regularly, he probably wasn't tested for HSV, because it's not included in STD testing. Even if he was tested and came back positive for type 1, he probably wouldn't have been alerted since the majority of the population tests positive for it and it's not considered to be an STD. (it's usually cold sores on the mouth, which are very common.) Only once type 1 manages to make its way into your pants does it become an STD, but luckily it doesn't spread easily to others that way.
There's no way of testing someone to determine if they have type 1 genitally or orally unless they get a sore in one of those areas, and they get it swabbed and tested. If this guy did have it genitally, the risk to you would have been very very small and chances are you wouldn't have gotten it, so he probably had it orally. Neither of you probably had any idea that cold sore + oral sex = type 1 genital herpes, even if a cold sore is not visible. I know i wasn't. so it wasn't really anyone's fault.
It's all very confusing, but hopefully I clarified that a little.
(And your husband must have gotten it from you during your primary outbreak, because after that genital type 1 goes dormant and is hard to transmit to someone else.)

Blue said...

YOU are making a difference in this world. Thank you!

Ian said...

Good job on the blog. I'm in the process of making a documentary on the subject right now. Perhaps you might be interested in interviewing? Also, pontificate doesn't mean to think. heads up. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog. I'm in the same camp as you are. I'm a man who contracted GHSV1 thru oral sex with my girlfriend. It's amazing how many people have this and know so little about it. Please keep up the great work. I read somewhere that a group on the internet are trying to get Opra to do a show on herpes. I hope they can make it happen!!

Anonymous said...

I had my first genital herpes outbreak smack in the middle of the new year. What a great way to start off 2012 right? I immediately felt ashamed of myself and still have only told my mother about it. I had thoughts of it being type 2 since it was in my genital region. Two weeks later, my gynecologist called me back and said my culture results had come back as Positive for type 1 and negative for type 2. This seemed to be some what of a relief to me but it's hard to find legitimate information on the web about this. I was abroad this past fall semester and was only seeing one guy there. I'm pretty sure I did not get it from him because I always used condoms and did not receive oral sex from him. There is only one guy from my hometown that I have been seeing for almost 2 years that I allow to give me oral sex. Just like you, I'm pretty sure I contracted this type 1 virus from receiving oral sex from him. I have not been able to ask him about it, but I plan on talking to him about it once I return home for spring break. I thought my life was basically ruined but reading your blog has been very helpful and informative. People make it seem like a huge deal, but like you mentioned many times, it's basically the same thing as if I had a cold sore on my mouth. Plus, ours is less likely to be spread! But I just wanted to thank you for writing this blog. It really has made me feel so much better about myself and has provided with me great information!

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