Thursday, June 12, 2008

Herpes mention on Frosty, Heidi, and Frank

Note: this post was written before I knew i had type 1 and not type 2, so the statistics I used are for type 2 only.

For those of you who live in the LA area, you may have listened to this show on the FM talk station, FREE FM, 97.1 while you were stuck in traffic here and there. It's on weekdays around midday.

These guys are definitely not PC, they talk about everything under the sun without holding back. They're sort of self admittedly dorky but sort of funny and at the very least, interesting to listen to while stuck in traffic if you're sick of hearing that Vampire Weekend song over and over on indie 103, and nothing good is on NPR.

I don't expect them to be PC about ghsv. But I was a little disappointed by a comment Heidi made, cuz she's like a friend who just doesn't know any better and needs to be informed.

Someone called about how Valtrex commercials are on the time, and it makes them feel uncomfortable because they don't know how to explain it to their kids. (Which yeah, I agree, they are on too much, and I probably blush whenever they come on.)

They were talking about how the commercials make it a point that herpes don't hold them back. And Heidi said something like, "let's be honest here, don't genital herpes hold one back?"

No biggie. But Heidi, no, the vast majority of people who have it don't even know because they have no outbreaks whatsoever. And the vast majority of those who do know they have it are not walking around with an outbreak on the vast majority of any given day. Maybe a few weeks out of the entire year. (Should I say "vast majority" one more time for good measure?)

Most people I know who have ghsv actually do things like ride bikes for hours at a time, surf, play sports, etc. We joke about how we are like a Valtrex commercial come to life.

I just wanted to let you know, Heidster, that no, it really doesn't. I have only had one outbreak in my life since getting this, and I guess I wouldn't want to ride a bike in the throes of an outbreak if I were to get one again. The only thing it personally holds me back from is casual sex - cuz it's not worth having to let someone know all the facts about ghsv when chances are they probably have no clue about it all and would need like a 3 hour talk to wrap their heads around the fact that since i don't get OBs, if i take supressive meds, the risk to them would be 2% per year, and if we also use condoms, the risk would be lowered to a mere 1% per year, making the one night a risk of .003%. IF they didn't have it already, which there would be a 20% chance of. And if they didn't already have HSV1 antibodies built up from having the cold sore virus, which up to 90% of people do.

Whew! See? Not worth it. Luckily, making out is sometimes just as fun, if not better than finding out they are actually not very good in the sack.

So, let's just make out and grope each other a little... as long as you've never had a cold sore... heheh. kidding.


Anonymous said...

Silver, I love what you are doing here!! I hope you don't mind if I pass your link around.


Silver Lining said...

Of course not! Thanks so much for reading, Marney :)

BETHismore007 said...

I love your blog!!! :)
I seriously don't think we're missing out on anything by not having casual sex. I agree with everything you say, and thanks for the statistics. I'll definitely be a regular reader here.

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