Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life is like an STD...

...You never know which one you're gonna get!

So run, Forrest, run! You're lucky that one unprotected night with Jenny, who we all know had her fun in the time of free love, only resulted in a baby.

Isn't it annoying how sex is portrayed on TV and movies?? You don't realize how unrealistic it is until it's too late. Everyone is just running around banging each other with no consequences, other than pregnancy scares here and there. Or a funny and conveniently curable syphilis storyline.

I did everything by the book. I and actually always had a fear of contracting an STD. I would obnoxiously ring off the statistic to my friends, "you know, 1 in 4 people have an STD, and condoms don't protect you from everything." I remember one time this one girl gave me a funny look. She probably wanted to say, "honey, shut up and fuck off!" She should have. But god forbid any of us can imply that we have been affected by an STD.

I hardly ever have casual sex. But this one night, I did, and not with a random stranger by any means. I had a lot of stress going on in my life. I'm young and single and thought, hell, I'm an adult, you only live once, and the time and person was right. We used a condom. Isn't this what people do?

4 days later I was at Planned Parenthood in tears, with a virus in my body that's never going to go away. My body, that I have always taken care of so well, that my mother took care of so lovingly before that. And one night of (protected!!!) sex, and I've thrown it away. (I haven't really, but that's how it felt at the time.)

(I recently read about some guys one time taking their friend to PP, and they were cheering that he "only" had syphilis. The author was pointing out how ridiculous and sad it was. But sorry, honey, I would have celebrated too if it was something curable that I could treat, learn a lesson from, and leave in the past.)

Magazines tell you all about how to avoid getting STDs. But what happens if you do everything right, you're not promiscuous, and you're careful, and you still manage to get one? What then? They never seem to address that.

I guess the mags and movies don't show the restrictions some of us have in life. How many characters are in a wheelchair and have to make sure a ramp is available at a store they're going to? How many have to check their blood sugar before they head off for a lunch date? How many have to talk to their new love interest about having GHSV before they can seal the deal?

None. But this ain't the movies; this is our reality. So what if I can't just hop into the sack with someone without a care in the world. That was never really realistic anyway, because look what happened!

There are restrictions in life. This one is pretty minor in the scheme of things.

Just look at poor Forrest.

NOTE: This blog was written before I found out that my GHSV was NOT the result of intercourse, it was actually from not using protection while receiving oral sex. Just my luck. Who the hell uses dental dams, anyway?


Curvaceous Dee said...

Life sure isn't like the movies, is it? I found this post (and indeed, your blog) insightful, and appreciate the work you're doing to increase awareness and openness :)

xx Dee

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