Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thanks a lot, Perez.

Perez Hilton. A gay man who has battled ignorant stereotypes and prejudices his whole life, a man who was a self admitted shy, overweight teenager obsessed with television, is somehow given a platform to change the world; his widely read blog. And what does he do? He continues to perpetuate a stigma against GHSV (genital herpes simplex virus), continues to encourage the 20-25% of the population who have GHSV to keep closeted about it, be ashamed or feel like they are "sluts" for having it, pointing fingers at random celeb Vanessa Manilo by publishing her photo along with the post.

He could have used this platform to clarify the article, which states that 1 out of 4 people in NYC have GHSV (the normal average is 1 in 5.)

Ok, so what now? How about teaching us a little about it, instead of just scaring us with numbers, and then pointing fingers at people.

How about explaining that the vast majority of people with either herpes virus have no idea they have it, as symptoms are either incredibly mild or nonexistent (not exactly the "ewwww disgusting" virus Perez's brainless supporters proclaim it to be.)

How about explaining that these asymptomatic people don't know they have it because GHSV is not included in STD testing unless specifically requested... which no one does if they are asymptomatic. But they can still spread it. Ignorance is not bliss in this case.

How about explaining that an additional 60% (at least) of the population has oral herpes (a.k.a. "cold sores"), making the herpes virus something that affects about 80% of the population. So if you don't have it, you're in the minority. Chances are extremely high that Perez Hilton himself has a herpes virus.

How about explaining that "cold sores" + oral sex can = GHSV type 1. (Luckily, when oral herpes makes its home in your genitals, it rarely recurrs, and is not easy to ever transmit to another person.)

How about explaining that people continue to be infected with GHSV type 1 because most people don't know the above fact, and GHSV type 2 continues to spread mostly because those who have it are too terrified to tell, based on people like Perez Hilton continuing to perpetuate an irrational, archaic stigma.

But once someone is open about it, preventing the spread is much easier. By avoiding sex during an outbreak and using daily meds like the nobel prize winning acyclovir/valtrex (acyclovir available at walmart for $16 a month), the female to male type 2 transmission rate for a couple sleeping together over the course of a year is a mere 2%. Add condoms and it's lowered to 1%. (The male to female ratios are slightly higher at 4% and 2% respectively.)

If the person you are dating tells you that they have GHSV2, believe it or not, you should actually be grateful. Here's why; If you reject someone only because of their GHSV2, you must then venture back out into a dating world in which 20-25% of people also have it. And the majority of them aren't going to know or be honest about it and aren't going to be taking precautions. (and just using a condom is not enough.) So if you think about it, you're actually better off being with someone who is open about having GHSV2 and is taking anti-viral meds. Not only does it keep your risk waaaaay down, it says a lot about someone who can defy society's stigma and risk their own reputation in order to put honesty and communication and your comfort first.

Shame on Perez Hilton for not using his platform to do some good.


BETHismore007 said...

what a jerkkk

HIP_M0M said...

I discovered your blog from the daily bedpost mention.

YAY for you. I am passing this along to every parent, friend, family member and pretty much everyone I know (and perhaps a few I don't).

pistolah said...

I haven't signed in in so long, but a link from Glamour has me reading! You should check out onedatatime.com. I used to really enjoy her provactive and crazy posts but I was watching videos of hers and found out that she has herpes and just does not care to tell her partners and has had some very crazy nights involving sex with people who do not know she is positive for the virus and just doesn't care because "everyones gonna have herpes one day. You know what, its true because of attitudes like that: Oh well everyone else will have it might as well not care. Well, hun, thats why because people dont care to prevent these things from happening.
Keep writing, and at least the small portion of the world informed, youre doing your part.

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I hate Perez Hilton since the momment he published some Miley Cyrus upskirts when she was just a teen. You have to be so stupid to don't understand that's illegal. Fuckin' pervert

Anonymous said...

I've read through all your blog posts - and nice! Thank-you for debunking an incredibly nonsensical social stigma. Keep up the great work!

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He really is a douchebag, that is why gay people should be ignored and leave in caves.

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