Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Let me just say that one more time.

I got an STD from someone who does not have an STD.

I got genital herpes from someone who does not have genital herpes!


(for new readers and those not in the know: cold sore, even when one is not currently present + oral sex = a form of genital herpes. which is what happened to yours truly.)

How do you like dem peaches?


zinnia said...

"but you can't have gotten it from me! i'm clean! it's all your fault!"

(three months later)

"well, i DID get a cold sore this one time..."

i hear ya. ;)

EP said...

I am SO glad to have finally found a blog like yours! I couldn't believe there wasn't a blogging community for those with the gift.

I too got gHSV1 from an oral HSV shedder, I was 25 and it was my 1st intimate relationship and I'm a viroligist by trade (how bout that irony).

I too am dumb-struck by the lasting stigma around such a silly infection. I often refer to it as the ridiculous virus since the only thing it adds to my life is embarassment.

It makes me CRAZY that the person I got this ridiculous virus from is not obligated to tell his partners that he gets cold sores sometimes yet I am now going to have to tell everyone I choose to be with that I have "gential herpes"

So thanks for your blog. I am still working on not letting it rule my (dating) life and am glad to have a blog like yours to make me brave/indignant.

Anonymous said...

Can you someone tell me what GHSV1 symptoms for females are? I once dated a man who use to get the most awful cold sores. In the duration of our 3 year relationship, we engaged in oral sex probably only 3 times. However, it only takes once. Can someone tell me what the symptoms are?

Silver Lining said...

Anonymous, up to 90% of people are HSV1 carriers, and only about a third of them get cold sores. That means that if you happen to be in the minority who does not already have HSV1, you are susceptible to getting it genitally from about 90% of the population! what i am saying is, don't worry so much about that one guy who did happen to get cold sores. Get a herpeselect blood test to see if you are already a carrier or not. If you are, you don't have to worry about getting type 1 genitally, just type 2 if you don't have that (which 20% of the population carries.)
As far as symptoms, they vary, but some people with a primary HSV infection will experience flu like symptoms, sore lymph nodes, and lesions. However, not everyone gets noticeable symptoms. so again, your best bet is to just get a type specific herpeselect blood test. let me know if you have any more questions.

Emily said...

Me too. Such bullshit...and what kills me too is he knew he had hsv-1 because he'd gotten a bloodtest and didn't disclose this info to me because his DOCTOR said...its no biggie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this! The same thing happened to me, I had a boyfriend for about 8 months and we always practiced safe sex using condoms but we also engaged in unprotected oral sex. I had an AWFUL outbreak and was adamantly convinced it could not be HSV, but lo and behold--I got tested and it came back positive! I confronted him and said "Is there any chance you get cold sores on your mouth?" and he said "Yeah, I've been getting them for years. But that's not how you got this, my doc told me that you can't possibly transmit HSV that way." Wrong. I thought my life was completely over when I found out I had GHSV, even though it was the "milder" GHSV-1. I had suicidal thoughts and felt like no one would ever love me again, let alone go within 10 ft. of me. Yet now I am dating an amazing man for 3 years who has repeatedly said to me that nothing, not even a disease like HSV, can come between us. He loves me for who I am and supports me through everything. Cheer up & have hope!

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Elva Joseph said...

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