Sunday, September 21, 2008

Would you take a 1% risk?

If there was an actual 1% risk of the following, would you still:
-cross the street despite possibly getting hit by a bus?
-go camping despite getting potentially mauled by a bear?
-have a child despite the chance of it being stillborn?
-eat lettuce despite the chance of getting a deadly dose of salmonella?

In all of these cases we are talking about DEATH. yet i'm guessing the answer is still yes... right?

If it's not, most would admit that there is a severe phobia coming into play.

So if there is a 1% chance that a woman with HSV2 (genital herpes) could transmit the virus to you per year, would you take that risk?

We are talking about a very common, mostly non-symptomatic, not recurring very often if at all, mostly mild, mostly dormant, and not even remotely life threatening virus. we are NOT talking about death.

I have yet to meet anyone in my life who would not take a 1% risk of ANYTHING, including death.

But it's somehow ok to not take the 1% risk of getting a mild fucking rash.

Think about it. How much of a wuss would one have to be?

Let's believe in science over stigma.
Knowledge over naivete.
Rational thought over out-of-proportion fear.
Reality over old wives takes and urban myth.

Let's just get real. If someone you love has herpes, please - enlighten yourself!

Want to know more about the 1% risk I am referring to?
An extensive study that was done shows that simple precautions can be taken to get the average risk of contracting HSV2 from a female partner who has it to a mere 1% per year of frequent sex.
Vice versa gender is 2%.
For more info on these studies, go to